How It Works

The 8mm thick front radiating glass panel Diffusing radiating front glass (8mm) thick that issues a perfectly regular and uniform radiant heat into the room. 

This front surface produces a soft radiance which is immediate and uniformly effective over the entire surface the radiant panel.

In addition to this the heater also has an internal heating element that allows for fast and effective heating of the room. 

Smart Electronics subtly control the two sources of different and independent heating delivering unsurpassed comfort and efficient heating.

Technological advantage: the double effect with inertia of facade

The facade inertia is a scientific process patented by Campa, which allows our radiators to create the conditions of permanent ideal comfort thanks to advanced technologies able to optimally use the thermophysical qualities of the most efficient materials

Energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings

For greater performance, the thick glass front glass is combined with two independent and supplementary heating elements managed by high-precision regulation. When the radiator is switched on, the comfort setting is very fast (both transmitters heat up simultaneously) and lasts until the desired temperature is reached. For the sake of comfort and economy, priority is always given to the façade (which is generally sufficient to cover most heat requirements).